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Research in computational biology at the University of Melbourne is diverse and it can be difficult to find out the who, what and where of it all. This page is an effort (not comprehensive) to catalog the groups doing bioinformatics, systems biology and biostatistics at Melbourne and its affiliated institutes. It's scope includes those who have substantial independent research programs and dry lab space.

Groups are listed in alphabetical order

University of Melbourne

David Balding
Centre for Systems Genomics
Dept of Mathematics & Statistics
Dept of Genetics
Research Interests: Statistical and population genomics, Bayesian analysis

Edmund Crampin

Centre for Systems Genomics
School of Engineering
Research Interests: Systems biology & mathematical modelling of biochemical pathways

John Hopper
Research Interests: Gene/environmental epidemiology of cancer
Webpage - Google Scholar - Publications

Kathryn Holt
Centre for Systems Genomics
Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Bio21 Institute
Research Interests: Pathogen genomics & systems biology, translational bioinformatics

Michael Inouye
Centre for Systems Genomics
School of Biological Sciences
Research Interests: Systems biology of human disease, translational bioinformatics
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Adam Kowalczyk
National ICT Australia
Research Interests: Machine learning and translational bioinformatics
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Life Sciences Computation Centre
Research Interests: Bioinformatics, imaging, molecular dynamics

Fernando Sanchez
Health & Biomedical Informatics
Research Interests: Data linkage, biomedical informatics, modelling
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Tim Stinear
Dept of Microbiology & Immunology
Research Interests: Bacterial pathogen genomics & molecular biology
Graham Taylor
Dept of Pathology
Research Interests: Medical genomics, diagnostics
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Justin Zobel
Dept of Computing and Information Systems
Research Interests: Computational bioinformatics, algorithms

Institutions affiliated with the University of Melbourne

Department of Primary Industries Victoria

Mike Goddard
Research Interests: Animal genetics, statistical genomics
Webpage - Google Scholar - Publications

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

John Carlin
Research Interests: Clinical epidemiology & biostatistics
Webpage - Google Scholar - Publications

Alicia Oshlack
Research Interests: Bioinformatics in gene expression and epigenetics
Webpage - Google Scholar

Stephen Leslie
Research Interests: Statistical & population genetics
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Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Jason Li / Jason Ellul
Research Interests: Cancer bioinformatics, high-throughput pipelines
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Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Melanie Bahlo
Bioinformatics Division
Research Interests: Statistical genetics, Mendelian diseases
Phil Hodgkin
Immunology Division
Research Interests: Cell tracking, mathematical modelling
Webpage - Google Scholar - Publications

Liam O'Connor
Systems Biology & Personalised Medicine Division
Research Interests: Cancer systems biology & proteomics
Webpage - Google Scholar

Tony Papenfuss
Bioinformatics Division
Research Interests: Cancer & mammalian genomics
Webpage - Google Scholar

Matthew Ritchie
Molecular Medicine Division
Research Interests: Statistical methods development
Webpage - Google Scholar

Gordon Smyth
Bioinformatics Division
Research Interests: Linear models, gene expression analysis
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Terry Speed
Bioinformatics Division
Research Interests: Bioinformatics, statistical methods for technology and unwanted variation
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